Pleasure first. Discomfort never.

Don’t live with disappointment or discomfort any longer. Let Vella in and make your pleasure a priority.

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Vella Women’s Pleasure Serum

Pre-Play Topical for Arousal + Orgasm

A holy grail serum that goes deep beyond the skin. Our Pleasure Serum relaxes your vaginal and clitoral smooth muscle tissue to help you achieve more frequent, intense, and satisfying orgasms.

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 46 reviews

Vella Women’s Intimate Elixir

Hydrating Lubricant Made for All Stages of Menopause

Through the power of hyaluronic acid, this water-based lubricant supplements the body’s natural wetness, improving comfort during sex and play.

Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 49 reviews

Vella Super Slip & Slide

Universal Lube for Ultimate Comfort During Intimacy

A silicone base provides juuust the right texture for exceptional glide (and no need to reapply for hours), while skincare hero squalane moisturizes and soothes.

Vella Cycle Soothing Peri-aid (4 Pack)

Transdermal Patch for Relieving Period Aches + Bloating

Instantly soothe menstrual discomfort on-site with a blend of pure CBD isolate and natural herbs that are proven to trigger an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving response.

Good sex for the greater good.

When every body has the means to achieve sexual pleasure—comfortably, freely, and frequently—that’s how we define success for both Vella and the greater good.

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