5 Sex Positive Podcasts

Published on: November 30, 2023
5 Sex Positive Podcasts

Sex Positive isn’t a new term per se, but it is gaining renewed traction. So, what does it mean, really? Well, it’s the opposite of sex negative, which views sex from a place of fear or judgment. Sex positive takes down taboos and fills that space with acceptance and understanding to help people be comfortable with their own sexual identity and the sexual preferences and behaviors of others. It’s the North Star for good, respectful and healthy consensual sexand reinforces the notion that sex is all of those things by creating a safe space to talk openly it.

The idea first surfaced when psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (Sigmund Freud’s student) said sex wasn’t just for making babies or something to be stigmatized. In fact, he said, “Sex is actually a good and healthy thing.” (Mic drop.) Not everyone fully understood it at the time. But the idea did gain momentum during the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Free love! 

Today, sex positive has moved mainstream. Social media gave people a platform to normalize and promote sex positive beliefs and attitudes. Pop culture, also. Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Kerry Washington, Chrissy Teigen, Taylor Swift, and others have spoken out against slut shaming and in favor of body acceptance and sexual orientation, empowering women to own their sexuality. Viceland even aired a sex positive series called Slutever, hosted by sex columnist Karley Sciortino and exploring female sexuality and gender in the modern world. Suffice to say, sex positive is a force for good (and good sex). Here are five sex positive podcasts that tell interesting, thought-provoking and informative stories. These podcasts smash gender stereotypes, explore why sex became so hush hush in the first place, and underscore core values of inclusivity, awareness and acceptance.

These podcasts smash gender stereotypes, explore why sex became so hush hush in the first place, and underscore core values of inclusivity, awareness and acceptance.

Sex With Strangers

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Hosted by Chris Sowa, Sex with Strangers is a twice-monthly romp around the world for interesting, informative and hilarious conversations about sex. Sowa tackles topics on human sexuality (with total strangers), while traveling from India and Iceland to New Orleans and Wyoming. The first episode: Sex in Tokyo, explores Japanese sex culture.


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VagEsteem is a workshop series and podcast about building confidence — in your vulva. That’s right, it wants you to have good and healthy sex through courageous conversations related to “love, sex, relationships and everything in between.” Hosted by health and sex educator Vanessa Geffrard, the podcast debuted in 2016 and covers topics ranging from “the struggle love bus” (impossible relationships) to infertility and endometriosis.

The Dildorks

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What happens when two sex bloggers, Kate Sloan and Bex Caputo meet at a blogging conference and discover they’re “brain twins”? They form The Dildorks, a wildly popular podcast on dating, sex and masturbation. The two have made a name for themselves with disarming, funny and somewhat nerdy discourse, and awesome chemistry. The show is informative, educational and always entertaining. Topics range from sexual aftercare and kinks to the orgasm gap.

Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen

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Juliet Allen is Australia’s leading sexologist. She doesn’t sugar coat anything when it comes to empowering women and men to embrace their sexuality. She wants to transform sex — helping free people from disempowered relationships so they can have great sex daily. Allen has a Masters of Sexology, so she knows a thing or two about the topic.

Sex Stories 

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What better way to make the world a sexier, more loving place than by sharing sex stories, right? This is the premise of the Sex Stories podcast, which encourages exploration and candid conversations related to sex. Host Wyoh Lee asks guests about their most intimate interactions with the goal of improving sex lives everywhere.


What are some of your favorite sex positive podcasts?