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A 1,000-fold magnification of a diluted sample of Women’s Pleasure Serum, with pink backlight showing liposomes with CBD inside.

Science is still discovering so much about female bodies. But through research and attention, we’re making exciting progress.

What is the female sexual response cycle?

Problems with sexual arousal are often mistaken for a lack of libido or desire. This isn’t entirely true. Desire (or libido) is a psychological process. Arousal is a physiological process.

How does Pleasure Serum work?

The breakthrough behind Pleasure Serum comes from a proprietary nanotechnology invented by Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan, our co-founder and the Lead Principle Investigator for Viagra



How was Pleasure Serum developed?

Developing Pleasure Serum was a uniquely rigorous path that took over 7 years. It began with a question about liposomes—and whether or not they could properly reach smooth muscle tissue.

Download the first-ever illustration of female sexual arousal.

We commissioned this illustration for use in textbooks and doctor’s offices. Open the module to view and download it for your own use.

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We are proud to hold multiple patents that allow us to protect, uphold, and further our innovations and contributions to the sexcare industry.

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