Womens Serum

Give her the gift of a Dozen Os

Crafted by scientists, Vella works deep beyond the skin and works directly at the site of play. The result—more frequent, intense and satisfying Os, for women at every age and life stage.


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The science in service.

Vella feels great. Looks great on your nightstand. And is made great because of the bedrock of science it’s founded upon.

No more will I, or won’t I. It’s time for always.

Pencil yourself in. Schedule off your partner’s afternoon. Because the power to come easily, more intensely, and more frequently has been captured for you. Introducing Vella Women’s Serum.

The turn on gap is real.

  • 97% of Americans think intimacy is an important part of the relationship, but 62% of women are ending-challenged

  • 3 out of 4 women don’t always come during play.

  • The industry’s leading products are designed for men, not women.

  Vella is here to change that. 

Whispered praise, or so loud that the neighbors hear.

“After having my third child and reaching my late thirties I realized I was no longer able to come without a lot of effort, which had never been a problem for me before! Finding Vella has changed my life in the best, most natural and effortless way."

 - Jessica

"What I really liked about Vella is that it helped me get wet on my own before we started, so I felt in control and really turned on. The lotion feel is so nice and kept me wet without having to reapply"

 - Tara

Vella Women's Serum

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No offense to good lube, but our serum is a lot more. Crafted by scientists, Vella works deep beyond the skin to work at the site of play.. The result—more frequent, intense and satisfying Os, for women at every age and life stage.

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*Sale ends today.


What's in Vella?

Our ingredients:

99% pure nano-encapsulated hemp, phospholipids, thickener, propanediol, vitamin C, sodium ascorbate, phenethyl alcohol, water.

Our promise:

Clinically tested. Cruelty free. Parabens free. Sustainably sourced. Responsibly packed. Vegan.

How does it work?

The first of its kind, our serum is a proprietary liposomal formulation designed by the lead experts and medical professionals. In clinical studies, they discovered that by delivering hemp deep beyond your skin, women aged 23 to 75 reported increased ease, intensity, and frequency in their climax.

What's in Vella?

If you use three pumps per play session, then 16 uses per jar.


Yes. Our serum works locally and will not interact with any medications.

Can I use it if I'm on medication?

The real world response rate for Vella is two out of three women. In our post-purchase survey of 150 women, 74% reported satisfaction with Vella.

Will Vella work on every woman?

Does it have a scent?

No. Our serum is fragrance-free.