Vacation Sex Ideas: How to Take Advantage of Holiday Sex

14 November, 2022

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Holiday Sex Here I Come...

We can collectively agree, the days and weeks leading up to the holidays are often punctuated with stress. When you’re bouncing from work wrap-up to kids activities to somehow making dinner, it can squeeze the romance right out of your system, leaving you less than jolly. But the twinkle lights at the end of the tunnel are those blessed days off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whether you’re vacationing at home, with relatives, or on a tropical island, it’s time to flip the switch and let the merriment begin. Because sex on vacation is just better.

It’s like San Diego’s licensed sexologists and sexuality educator, Dr. Jill McDevitt, Ph.D. says, “Being freed up from the hard decisions and stressors big and small—traffic, dishes, doctor’s appointments, texting people back, etc.—enables your brain to spend more time, energy, and attention on things like sex. That extra time, energy, and attention make sex a ton more fun, pleasurable, and satisfying.”

No matter what your holiday break looks like (even if you’re staying at Auntie Edna’s), these 8 Vacation Sex Ideas will put an extra zip in your egg nog.

“Being freed up from the hard decisions and stressors big and small enables your brain to spend more time, energy, and attention on things like sex.” ~ Dr. Jill McDevitt (Licensed Sexologist)

1. Give yourself permission to be adventurous.

Go for the thrill. Verbalize your secret wishes and then…do them! Sneak away into your aunt’s closet or play tie-me-up tie-me-down with blindfolds. Perhaps, see what you can do with chocolate syrup. It’s time to get creative and try things you’ve always wanted to do. Make this your holiday mantra, “It’s okay. We’re on vacation.”

“Make this your holiday mantra, ‘It’s okay. We’re on vacation.’”

2. Every good party gives favors.

Create a collection of sexual favor coupons. Wrap them up in holiday paper and place them on your partner’s pillow as a treat for later.

3. Play with toys.

Just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean you can’t have toys. Sex toys add a new dimension to partner play. You could try wand vibrators, anal beads, insertable vibrators, dildos, and pressure-wave toys for clitoral stimulation.

4. Be a flirt.

Flirting sets the stage for intimacy. Use your lips, body, and hands to send signals. Build suspense with teasing or gestures. You could remove your underwear just before the ride home from a holiday party. In the car, tell your partner what you’ve done. (See how fast their speedometer climbs.) You could even create a holiday code word for sex to use around your kids, or family, or for fun in texting— “I’m really in the mood for PEPPERMINT.”

Build suspense with teasing or gestures. You could remove your underwear just before the ride home from a holiday party. In the car, tell your partner what you’ve done. (See how fast their speedometer climbs.)”

5. Set the visual scene.

Ditch the yoga pants and put on new lingerie. When we look sexy, we feel sexy and our confidence is boosted.

6. Spice up your sexual experiences with new products.

The right lubricant can propel a sexual experience from good to great.

1. Planning a long session of hotel sex (on every surface)?

You need to try our Super Slip & Slide. It stays slick for hours without reapplication. It’s perfect for front or back action.

2. Want to soar among the stars?

Trust us, you’ll reach them with Vella Woman’s Pleasure Serum. It makes coming come oh-so-easy and oh-so-intense. Nothing says vacation like an all-inclusive orgasm.

3. Feeling like your vagina has walked several days in the desert?

Then it’s time to hydrate with the Intimate Elixir. This product is ideal for people going through the stages of menopause. This lovely product enhances your body’s natural wetness, creates total comfort, and it’s ideal for lubing up toys.

7. Try shower sex.

If the kids are home from school or you’re staying at the in-laws, there is a simple solution to still get busy: do it in the shower. You can use holiday-scented soap and wash each other’s bodies, or better yet, kneel down for some oral action.

8. Switch it up with holiday sex positions.

1. Countertop

Use a kitchen table, a desk, or any counter that is level-height for the penetrating partner. The receiving partner will lay flat on the counter with their buttocks at the very edge. Lifting their legs straight up, they will place their feet either on their partner’s shoulders or leave their legs spread wide. The penetrating partner can adjust depth depending on how they support the receiving partner’s legs. This position also allows full access to other erogenous zones.

2. Pillow Party

Pile several pillows beneath a partner's upper body for support. The penetrating partner will kneel behind them, lifting the lower partner’s legs and resting them on either side of their hips. The penetrating partner can use their hands to stroke the receiving partner’s clitoris or breasts while entering. This position offers simultaneous stimulation to both partners.

3. Wall Slide

When needing a holiday quickie, standing positions are your best friend. And bonus, you don’t even need to fully undress. For this position, one partner has their back against the wall with one foot on the floor and the other leg against their partner’s side. The penetrating partner will hold their partner’s leg as they slide in and out. As a variation, the bent leg could be balanced on a couch or chair, while the other partner stands between their legs.

4. Downward Dog

This is another standing position with a twist. The partner receiving penetration will stand with their feet hip-width apart. As their partner penetrates (with a penis or strap-on), the other partner will bend over. The penetrating partner should hold their partner’s hips to stabilize and maneuver. The bent-over partner can push their hands on the ground and press up if they’re feeling limber.

5. Sideways Sit

Sit on your partner’s lap, sideways. While the penetrating partner thrusts inside, you can whisper in their ear, all the ways you want to be bad or good this year.

6. Rocking Horse

Sit facing each other, either on the bed or floor. The receiving partner will sit between their partner’s legs, wrapping their own loosely (or tightly) around their partner’s waist. Now you both can rock into each other. This forward-facing position allows for close intimacy.

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year—especially when you put those vacation days to good use. Cheers!

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