12 Days of Christmas Bliss for Holiday Pleasure

Release your holiday stress with a countdown that will have you singing carols.

12 Days of Christmas Bliss for Holiday Pleasure

‘Twas the 12 days before Christmas, and all through the place,
a couple was stirring, going past first base.
Clothes were thrown by the chimney without care,
and a bra hung limp upon an armchair.
Thank heavens the children were asleep in their beds,
for this naked view of their parents might rattle their heads.
Then Mama tied her ‘kerchief around Daddy’s eyes,

And told him to get ready for a sweet surprise.
It was time to ring in the season the Vella Way,

With a Christmas countdown list of sex and play.

Here’s a list you’ll want to check twice: It’s our 12 Days of Christmas Sex and Holiday Pleasure! Release your holiday stress with a countdown that will have you singing carols.

Day 1. Give a Sexy Gift

Start your countdown off with a bang! Give the gift that keeps on giving. Vella Women’s Pleasure Serum will sweep you into sweet sweet surrender. Three pumps of the serum rubbed into the vaginal fibers and get ready for an orgasm (or more) that will deck your halls with holly. According to Pam, one of Vella’s customers, “I LOVE this stuff! I always have multiple orgasms, and they are so intense. I’ve tried other products, but this is by far a winner. I will continue to order. Thank you, Vella!”


“‘Twas the 12 days before Christmas, and all through the place, a couple was stirring, going past first base.”

Day 2. Text A Holiday Picture

Snap a picture of yourself with nothing on but bows or wrapping paper. Then send it with the caption, “There’s a gift waiting for you.”

Day 3. Wrap A Christmas Coupon

Create a coupon redeemable only during the month of December. Your coupon could say: This coupon is good for one sex session– anyway and anywhere you want it.

Day 4: Have A Christmas Movie Night

Cuddle up by the fire and watch a romantic Christmas movie complete with eggnog and sugar cookies.

Day 5: Do A Santa Baby Striptease

Dress up in red lingerie with a Santa hat and do your own dance to Eartha Kitt’s rendition of Santa Baby.

Day 6: Try A Christmas Sex Position

One of these Christmas sex ideas is bound to get your jingle on. You can enhance the moment with sultry Christmas tunes.

Mrs. Clause

Penetrating partner will lay on their back with knees bent. The receiving partner will straddle them, facing away. The receiving partner can hold their partner’s knees as they grind against them. Take it up a notch, by splitting their knees apart and leaning forward for a bigger range of motion.

Present Wrap

One will partner to sit cross-legged, while the other sits in their lap and wraps their legs around them. Hold each other tight and rock back and forth. This position allows for intimate kissing and touching. A present you’ll both enjoy.

Mini Christmas Tree

Kneel facing each other. (Better yet if it's in front of your tree or fireplace). Position your thighs so that you’re interlocked. Then slowly grind against each other while kissing and rubbing your hands over one another.

Day 7: Decorate Each Other

Decorating the tree and halls isn’t the only thing you can do with tinsel. Be creative with holiday decor, chocolate body paint, or whip cream.

Day 8: Get Handsy

Celebrate this day by giving at least 8 handsy touches around the house. These could be gentle strokes on their back, arm, or thigh. Throw in a booty graze for good measure and see where it leads.

Day 9: Replicate The Fantasy

Ask your partner to share a fantasy they’ve had. Choose one or more elements from that fantasy to try out today. This could look different for every couple. It could be role-playing, a candlelit soak in the hot tub, or exploring a new position.

Day 10: Perform An 10-Minute Massage

Buy holiday-scented massage oil and knead out any tension in your partner's shoulders or back. Holidays can be hectic. Showing your partner love in a practical way is a beautiful gift. 

Day 11: Sip & Chat in Bed

Bring your partner a coffee, tea, eggnog, or mimosa in bed and relax over your drinks before beginning your daily routine. This gives you moments to talk and be present together, which can reinforce your bond and connection during a busy time of year.

Day 12: Be Santa’s Little Helper

Christmas Day can be hectic between cooking, cleaning, and running to holiday parties. Help your partner out by being present. Ask them how you can best assist them today. If they’re looking overwhelmed and a subtle gloss covers their eyes, then don’t wait for them to tell you what to do, start finding things to help with. That might be vacuuming the rugs, setting the table with dishes, or loading the car with presents. Sometimes, love is spoken most clearly with no words at all.

This 12 Day countdown allows you to be intentional with your special one. You can treat this list as a challenge, completing each day to get you in the festive mood. We wish you merry moments of holiday pleasure leading up to a Merry Christmas.

“We wish you merry moments of holiday pleasure leading up to a Merry Christmas.”